Permit Public Notice

Application for Missouri State Operating Permits

In accordance with the state Clean Water Law, Chapter 644, RSMo, Clean Water Commission regulation 10 CSR 20-6.010, and the federal Clean Water Act, the applicants listed herein have applied for authorization to either discharge to waters of the state or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility. The proposed permits for these operations are consistent with applicable water quality standards, effluent standards and/or treatment requirements or suitable timetables to meet these requirements (see 10 CSR 20-7.015 and 7.031). All permits will be issued for a period of five years, unless noted otherwise in the Public Notice for that discharge.

On the basis of preliminary staff review and the application of applicable standards and regulations, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as administrative agent for the Missouri Clean Water Commission, proposes to issue a permit(s) subject to certain effluent limitations, schedules and special conditions. The proposed determinations are tentative pending public comment.

Persons wishing to comment on the proposed permit conditions are invited to submit them in writing to the appropriate regional office of the Department of Natural Resources. The applicable contact name and mailing address can be found on the cover page of each draft permit enclosed. Please include the permit number in all comment letters. Also, copies of all draft permits and other relevant information are available for inspection and copying at the respective regional office.

Comments should be confined to the issues relating to the proposed action and permit(s) and the effect on water quality. The DNR may not consider as relevant comments or objections to a permit based on issues outside the authority of the Clean Water Commission, (see Curdt v. Mo. Clean Water Commission, 586 S.W.2d 58 Mo. App. 1979).

All comment deadlines are stated in the individual draft documents. The department will consider all comments, including emails, faxes and letters, received before making a final determination on the application. If the department receives a large number of public comments on an application, the department may hold a public meeting or hearing. The Department will hold the meeting or hearing to receive additional public comments on the proposed permit or determination. Public hearings or issuance of the permit will be conducted or processed according to 10 CSR 20-6.020.

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Permit Number Applicant County Public Notice
Start Date (YR/MO/DAY)
Public Notice
End Date (YR/MO/DAY)
MO0102555 Bay Point Condos Camden 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0114944 Clinton Country Club Henry 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0136646 Daviess County Livestock Market Daviess 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0095907 Deepwater WWTF Henry 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0056758 Diamond Inn Motel and Restaurant Franklin 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0125610 Eagles Landing WWTF Camden 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0099961 East Lynne WWTF Cass 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0122912 K.A.T. Properties Montgomery 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0100684 LaBelle Northeast WWTF Lewis 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0110094 Meadow Lake Farm Subdivision Franklin 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0135437 Mill Springs RV Resort Benton 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0030821 Morehouse WWTF New Madrid 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0002259 Rainbow Trout Ranch WWTF Ozark 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0126594 SCCPWSD #2, Boone Ridge St. Charles 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0058297 Shilo Treatment Facility Franklin 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0114618 St. Alban's Valley WWTF St. Louis 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0116700 St. Alban's Forest St. Louis 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0058351 St. Charles Missouri River WWTF St, Charles 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0119903 Touch of Dutch, Inc. Morgan 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0111902 Westview Mobile Home Park Franklin 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0138355 Whiteside WWTF Lincoln 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MOG641000 Zeolite Softeners Various 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MOG050000 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Various 2016/04/29 2016/05/30
MO0090531 Baisch Nursing Center Jefferson 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0135461 Barnett WWTF Morgan 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0048054 Bernie WWTF Stoddard 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0048194 Burlington Junction WWTF Nodaway 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0109282 Cass County Midway R-1 Schools Lagoon Cass 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0112461 Country Creek Estates WWTP Cass 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0047350 Doniphan Municipal WWTF Ripley 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0133108 Fox Wood Shores Stone 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0104248 Freeman WWTF Cass 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0028053 Hawk Point WWTF Lincoln 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0023124 Louisiana WWTP Pike 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0032174 Maitland WWTF Holt 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0121061 MAWC, Cedar Hills Subdivision WWTF Callaway 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0106275 Mokane WWTF Callaway 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0092975 New London WWTF Ralls 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0041131 Pacific WWTP Franklin 2016/04/22 2016/05/23

Penermon WWTF

Stoddard 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0111821 Perry WWTF Ralls 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0125482 Phelps Co. PWSD-Summerfield Subdivision Phelps 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0124311 Pleasant View School Greene 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0025275 Portageville WWTF New Madrid 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0025828 Smithton WWTF Pettis 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0103659 Worlds of Fun Clay 2016/04/22 2016/05/23
MO0116599 Branson, Cooper Creek WWTF Taney 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0135046 Forest Hills WWTF Franklin 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0095605 Heritage Hills Golf Course Randolph 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0100374 HSSC, HS Senior and Early Childhood Center Jefferson 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0095745 Knox City WWTF Knox 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0130168 MAWC, Autumn Woods Estates WWTF Cole 2016/04/15 2016/05/16


MAWC, Saddlebrooke WWTP Christian 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0117129 Piedmont Industrial Park Wayne 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0087211 Roy-L Utilities, Inc. Montgomery 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0122653 TBJ Sewer System, Inc. Franklin 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0136166 TraiLiner Corporation Greene 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0122599 Vanduser WWTF Scott 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
MO0050695 Wellsville East Lagoon Montgomery 2016/04/15 2016/05/16
UI0000009 Mississippi Lime Company Ste. Genevieve 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0081744 Bradford on the Lake Stone 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0121771 Brenntag Mid-South Inc. Clay 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0131385 Capital Sand Co., Inc.-Jerome Phelps 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0095028 Caruthersville WWTF Pemiscot 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0111287 Cleveland WWTP Cass 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0136441 Community R-VI School Audrain 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0129151 Country Living MHP Miller 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0123650 Cozy Corner RV Park Henry 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0117331 Former Tronox Facility Greene 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0134864 Fugate MHP Hickory 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0045420 Gerald WWTF Franklin 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0126926 HSSC, Fisher Road Jefferson 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0098906 Innsbrook Estates Warren 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0022853 Jackson Municipal WWTP Cape Girardeau 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0117561 KC Water Systems Miller 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0109452 Macks Creek Senior Citizen Housing Camden 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0116963 MAWC, Van Loo Estates WWTF Cole 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0085715 Missouri River Outfitters Callaway 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0138231 Missouri Walnut, LLC Newton 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0138274 MOANG, Macon Training Site Macon 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0021440 Monett WWTP Barry 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0128490 NPSD, Interim Saline Creek Regional WWTF Jefferson 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0124427 Pike Creek Sewer District Butler 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0109916 Reel and Trigger Resort Benton 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0119261 Snow Hill Meadows MHP Lincoln 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0123153 Spawn Log Home Duplex Camden 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MOR240000 Agrichemical Facilities Various 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MOR040000 Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems Various 2016/04/08 2016/05/09
MO0124354 Admiral's Point Subdivision Camden 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0128554 Alexander Estates Franklin 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0112941 Barnabas Acres Cape Girardeau 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0084697 Beaufort Apartments WWTP Franklin 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0131326 Bluff's Run Subdivision WWTF Stone 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0122483 Miller County Justice Center WWTF Miller 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0124630 USNPS Round Spring WWTP Shannon 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0094927 Versailles WWTF Morgan 2016/04/01 2016/05/02
MO0136271 Waste Corp. of Verona Lawrence 2016/04/01 2016/05/02