Stormwater Permits

Permit Reports

Includes weekly listings of issued Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits. Also includes reports from the Water Pollution Control's Water Quality Information System database on all active State Operating Permits for Wastewater Treatment Systems in Missouri including site specific permits, Stormwater permits or General Permits. Specifics on individual facilities can be obtained from the reports.

Water Protection Forms and Applications

Water Pollution Control Branch Permits

PERMIT Effective Date Expiration Date
MO-RA - Construction or Land Disturbance 02-08-2017 02-07-2022

Construction or land disturbance activity (e.g., clearing, grubbing, excavating, grading and other activities that result in the destruction of the root zone and/or land disturbance activity that is reasonably certain to cause pollution to waters of the state).

MO-R04 - Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems 10-01-2016 09-30-2021

Discharges from Regulated Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

Draft MOR040000 Permit

Draft MOR04C000 Permit

Public Notice Comments

Public Notice Comments

Comment Responses

MOR100 - Land Disturbance by City or County 06-23-2017 06-22-2022

Construction or land disturbance activity (e.g., clearing, grubbing, excavating, grading, and other activity that results in the destruction of the root zone) that are performed by or under contract to a city, county or other governmental jurisdiction that has a Stormwater control program for land disturbance activities that has been approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

MOR13 - Textile and Apparel/Printing and Publ. 09-07-2018 09-06-2023

Stormwater discharges from production of paper and allied products, textiles and apparel products, and, printing and publishing operations, and paper-only recycling, food and kindred products manufacturing operations.

MOR203 - Fab. Metal, Light Industrial 09-01-2019 08-31-2024

Ferrous and Nonferrous foundries, casting, extrusion, rolling, galvanizing and finishing, structural steel production, light metal fabrication, electrical equipment manufacturing.
(For SIC Codes see Page Two)

MOR22A - Lumber and Wood Primary 09-17-19 09-16-2024

SIC #24XX and 25XX
Stormwater run-off discharges from Primary Lumber and Wood Products Industries.

MOR22B - Wood Treaters 09-01-2020 08-31-2025



Stormwater runoff from facilities engaged in wood treating operations, including but not limited to SIC code 2491.


MOR22C - Lumber and Wood (Secondary) 02-25-2019 02-24-2024

Stormwater runoff from facilities engaged in secondary processing and manufacturing of lumber and wood products.

MOR23A - Chemical Mfg. 11-01-2020 10-31-2025

Chemical and Lubricant Manufacturing - Stormwater runoff only.
(For SIC Codes see page two)

MOR23D - Plastics and Rubber Mfg. 05-10-2017 05-09-2022

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing and Molding - Stormwater runoff only and Plastics and Rubber Recycling Operations.

MOR23E - Biodiesel Manufacturing 09-27-2018 09-26-2023

Biodiesel manufacturing facilities that are required to obtain a Stormwater permit.

MOR240 - Agrichemical Facilities 05-01-2019 04-30-2024

April 25, 2017 Letter to Permittees Regarding 10 CSR 20-8.500 Design Requirements for Agrichemical Facilities Rule Revisions and Master General Permit MO-R240 Applicability

Agrichemical facilities - Containment water from bulk fertilizer and bulk pesticide facilities.

MOR60A - Motor Vehicle Salvage 12-12-2018 12-11-2023

Motor vehicle salvage yards and scrap metal recycling operations.

MOR80C - Motor Freight Transportation 12-01-2017 11-30-2022

Firms engaged in motor freight, watercraft transportation, warehousing activities and U.S. Postal Service maintenance facilities.

MOR80F - Airports 11-28-2017 11-27-2022

Stormwater runoff from airports that use de-icers or conduct uncovered vehicle or aircraft maintenance, washing or fueling.

MOR80H - Solid Waste Transfer 09-01-2019 08-31-2024

Solid waste transfer stations, SIC 4953; and solid waste recovery facilities,
SIC 5093.

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