Water Protection Program

Missouri State Operating Permits

Permits Issued January 17, 2013 - January 23, 2013

We are posting final site-specific permits on the Internet as a means to increase the availability of this information. Permits will be placed on this site for public access as they are listed for final issuance.

Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits Issued January 17, 2013 - January 23, 2013

MO0114863 Aqua Fin Development, Inc.


MO0130117 Brussels Valley Estates Lincoln
MO0001821 CF Industries Sales, LLC- Palmyra Terminal Marion
MO0095907 Deepwater WWT Lagoon Henry
MO0108251 FCPWSD #3, Golden Pond Franklin
MO0093513 Hannibal WWTP Marion
MO0126608 Larry's on the Lake Camden
MO0107409 Northampton Bay Condominiums Miller
MO0122432 PCRSD Red Rock WWTF Platte
MO0043648 Poplar Bluff Mun WWTP Butler
MO0056634 Salisbury WWTP Chariton
MO0105830 Steeple Ridge HOA Camden