For Bacteriological Water Analysis

This online form can be used in place of the enclosed postcard that comes with your sample bottles.

These bottles are sent via UPS to the Sampler, or SA, that we have listed in our database. If you need to verify the contact information we have is current (change of personnel, address, telephone number, etc.), use the link Drinking Water Watch to check our data. If we do need our contact information updated, check yes for Contact Changes and enter the correct data below. If you have questions, call the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Public Drinking Water Branch at 573-526-3832.

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When to reorder:

Samples Collected

  • 1 per month
    • Minimum Supply - 4 bottles
  • More than 1 per month
    • Minimum Supply - 2 month supply
  • All Triggered Ground Water Systems should reorder when they are down to five water sample bottles.