Archived Quarterly Non-Compliance Reports

By federal rule 40 CFR 123.45 9 (a),  the department is required to submit to the EPA quarterly narrative reports for major permittees (i.e. facilities with a flow of greater than or equal to 1 million gallons per day and other large industrial sources).  This report details compliance of major facilities, including federally owned Pubically Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) (i.e. municipalities), non-POTWs (i.e. industrial sources/non-muncipalities) and minor 92-500 facilities, including minor POTWs which are facilities that received government grant funding under public law 92-500 to construct their wastewater facilities.  The QNCR lists violations related to discharge monitoring reports (e.g. overdue reports, incomplete reports and effluent ex, permit compliance schedules, and enforcement compliance schedules, such as corrective actions required by a settlement agreement or an abatement order on consent.  Violations remain on each consecutive report until the permittee resolves the violation (i.e., submits a missing report, resolves effluent exceedances, or completes upgrades, etc.).

  • First Quarter Report - includes data for October, November, December
  • Second Quarter Report - includes data for January, February, March
  • Third Quarter Report - includes data for April, May, June
  • Fourth Quarter Report - includes data for July, August, September

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