Residential Housing Wastewater Adviory Group: Amendments to 10 CSR 20-6.030 Disposal of Wastewater in Residential Housing Developments

This rule establishes criteria for developers of residential housing developments to establish the method of wastewater treatment prior to development and while no environmental conditions or standards are being prescribed in this rulemaking, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is proposing to amend the rule to promote consistent terminology, technology and sustainable planning.

One recommendation came as part of the Report to the General Assembly, from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources pursuant to House Bill 89 regarding onsite wastewater systems in December 2011. The stakeholders expressed concern over the increasing number of developments (subdivisions) avoiding the rule by only having six lots that are significantly undersized, limiting the effectiveness of onsite wastewater treatment (septic) systems and increasing the risk to the environment and public health. In order to address their concerns, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is recommending the threshold for all new developments be reduced from seven or more lots to three or more lots when each lot is less than five acres.

Other amendments can be characterized as a clarification of current rule to ensure the Department of Natural Resources continues to partner with the Department of Health and Senior Services and local county authorities (commonly the local Department of Health) regarding onsite wastewater treatment systems regulations. This rulemaking will affect developers of new residential housing developments and those proposing an expansion of an existing development.

This proposed amendment will promote the adoption of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Voluntary National Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems and allow the implementation of management strategies between the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and local administrative authorities. As stated in EPA’s April 1997 Response to Congress on Use of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, “…individual onsite wastewater treatment and decentralized wastewater treatment systems are long-term solutions that protect the environment and public health.”

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