Water Protection Program

Water Quality Policy Issues Discussed at Clean Water Forum

On Dec. 19, 2005, more than 100 representatives with an interest in clean water attended the Missouri Clean Water Forum in Jefferson City, hosted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Attendees representing agriculture, municipalities, industry, environmental groups, consultants and environmental attorneys broke into discussion groups.

“This forum is to find out what you think are the important issues confronting Missouri,” said Water Protection Program director Ed Galbraith. “I firmly believe that the department must always consider how policy issues affect regulated entities and the public. The greater the magnitude of any decision, the more we must solicit input from those affected interests.”

Favorite issues
Attendees prioritized the issues presented by the department and suggested additional topics. The issues that were selected as the highest priority include

Other top issues include

Volunteers were asked to sign up to serve on advisory committees to further discuss the prioritized issues and give feedback to the department’s Water Protection Program.