Financial Assistance Center Rule Development

The following rule developments are being considered. All comments received will be posted with responses prior to filing as a proposed rulemaking. Once filed and published in the Missouri Register, there will be another opportunity to comment during the proposed rulemaking open comment period and public hearing prior to adoption.

Chapter 4 Clean Water Rules
10 CSR 20-4.010 Construction Grant and Loan Priority System
10 CSR 20-4.030 Grants for Sewer Districts and Certain Small Municipal Sewer Systems
10 CSR 20-4.040 State Revolving Fund General Assistance Regulation
10 CSR 20-4.041 Direct Loan Program
10 CSR 20-4.050 Environmental Review
10 CSR 20-4.061 Storm Water Grant and Loan Program

Chapter 13 Drinking Water Rules
10 CSR 60-13.010 Grants for Public Water Supply Districts and Small Municipal Water Supply Systems
10 CSR 60-13.020 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program
10 CSR 60-13.025 State Loan Program
10 CSR 60-13.030 Environmental Review

Under Gov. Greitens' leadership, all state agencies are working to reduce regulations or other government processes that unnecessarily burden individuals and businesses while doing little to protect or improve public health, safety and our natural resources. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is committed to limiting regulation to what is necessary to protect Missouri's environment, implement statutory mandates and maintain state control of programs. Any proposed changes to rules discussed on this page are being developed with these goals in mind. We welcome your comments to help insure that our regulations provide required protections but do not add unneeded costs.

If you wish to provide comments on any existing department regulation, please visit the department’s Red Tape Reduction website.

For more information regarding:

10 CSR 20-4 contact Joan Doerhoff
10 CSR 60-13 contact Darleen Groner

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Red Tape Reduction Summary of Proposed Rule Revisions - Clean Water
Red Tape Reduction Summary of Proposed Rule Revision - Drinking Water