Description: Pursuant to Section 644.145, RSMo.(known as HB 89),  the department is required to adopt procedures to determine whether a permit or enforcement decision is affordable and make a finding of affordability for each permit or enforcement decision related to combined or separate sanitary sewer systems or publically owned treatment works. On Sept. 12, 2011, the department issued an interim procedure on affordability to meet its permitting obligations under the same law while the department holds stakeholder meetings to finalize the procedure.    

Guidance for Conducting and Developing a Cost Analysis for Compliance
Affordability Annual Report
Affordability Annual Report, Appendix B
Guidance for Conducting and Developing a Cost Analysis for Compliance

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April 2, 2015

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Dec. 5, 2014

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Aug. 25, 2014

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March 7, 2012

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