The current Priority Point Regulation (10 CSR 20-4.010) was developed for prioritizing wastewater projects in the 1980s. As the funding programs have evolved, the priority system has not evolved. A new priority system is needed that will prioritize not only wastewater projects but also non-point source pollution prevention projects.

The State Revolving Fund Regulation (10 CSR 20-4.040) was last updated in 1996. Since that time the SRF program has continued to evolve with an increased emphasis on protecting the environment while at the same time serving the needs of the public. The department has been criticized by the public and other state and federal funding agencies for the amount of time taken from loan application receipt to loan closing. The intent of this rulemaking is to streamline the SRF funding process and reduce the requirements placed on those entities seeking funding.


  • Doug Garrett - DNR Staff Coordinator
  • Stanley J. Schultz
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  • Steve Townley
  • Steve Mahfood
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  • Eric Seaman
  • Joy Reven
  • Bart Hager
  • Joe Boland


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