Federal Safe Drinking Water Rules/
Design Guide Water Protection Forum Advisory Group


Missouri is facing new federal primacy rules on disinfection byproducts and surface water monitoring. This group will establish a timeframe for adopting these rules and discuss whether there are any needed modifications to those rules. In addition, the guidelines for community water systems were revised over two years ago. At the time, the program committed to review the guidelines after two years to consider whether all or part of it should be codified. The program has requested a legal opinion from counsel on this and will present that to the advisory group.


The advisory group will make a recommendation to the Safe Drinking Water Commission by its May meeting.


  • Steve Sturgess - DNR Staff Coordinator
  • Cary Sayre
  • John Hoagland
  • Cherri Baysinger
  • Leo Ebel
  • Ginny Ismay
  • John Witherspoon
  • Elizabeth Grove
  • Roger Walker

Additional Information

Advisory Group June - December 2006 Schedule