Funding/Staff/Resources Advisory Group


Does the program have the resources and staffing to adequately discharge its responsibilities? Is it making the best possible use of those assets? How can the program serve its customers better with existing resources and what can be done to bring more resources to this effort?


No timeline as yet. A schedule will emerge as the group defines its aims and goals.


  • Ed Galbraith - DNR Staff Coordinator
  • Bruce Wylie
  • Betty Wyse
  • Ted Heisel
  • Cary Sayre
  • Candy Schilling
  • Leo Ebel
  • Steve Mahfood
  • Irene Crawford
  • Jerry Bindel
  • Kris Ricketts
  • Phil Schroeder
  • Debbie Bruns
  • Byron Murray
  • Roger Walker

Past Meetings

March 23, 2006