Solid Waste Management Program

Solid Waste Technician Certification Course
The 2015 Solid Waste Technician Certification Class is scheduled on March 17 through 19 and Sept. 15 through 17. Registration for the March 2015 class is closed.

Registration for the September class will open on July 1, 2015.

The certification class will be held at the Roaring River Conference Room at the department’s Elm Street Conference Center located at 1730 E. Elm St., Jefferson City Description: Map icon..  A letter and information concerning local hotels, motels and restaurants will be sent to confirm each participant’s registration.

The certification course is recommended for people working in the solid waste management field in Missouri, including solid waste landfill owners and operators, environmental consultants and interested regulatory personnel. Topics of the course include landfill design, the landfill permitting process, daily operations, methane gas and groundwater monitoring, closure and post-closure requirements, landfill safety and an overview of the Solid Waste Management Law and Regulations. You must pass an examination at the end of the class to obtain certification. The cost for the training is $30, and certification is good for three years.

All participants must be registered and pay prior to taking the examination and receiving their certificates. For more information, contact Brett Bottomley at 573-751-5401.

There are several ways in which to gain recertification credit hours to apply towards the renewal of your solid waste technician certification.  

Regardless of which method you choose to acquire recertification credit hours, you must accrue at least ten (10) hours of classes or training prior to the expiration of your three-year certificate to become recertified. The types of training or subjects of the classes must be approved by the department's Solid Waste Management Program to apply them towards your recertification.