Solid Waste Management Region O map

Executive Board Members:

Lou Lapaglia - Christian County Presiding Commissioner
Kevin Sharpe - Dallas County Presiding Commissioner
Tim Smith - Chairperson - Greene County Administrator
Jim Viebrock - Vice-Chairperson - Greene County Presiding Commissioner
Denzil Roberts - Polk County Presiding Commissioner
Paul Ipock - Webster County Presiding Commissioner
Vacant - City of Springfield Mayor Pro Tem
Vacant - City of Springfield Council Member Zone 4
Barbara Lucks - Treasurer - City of Springfield - Alternate - Material Recovery Specialist

Bob Hamilton, Planner
Solid Waste District “O”
850 Rifle Range Rd.
Marshfield, MO 65706
417-829-6260 fax

Chairperson of the Executive Board or Council:
Tim Smith
940 N. Boonville Ave., Room 305
Springfield, MO 65802
417-868-4163 fax

Administrative Contractor:
Solid Waste Management District “O”
Ronda Gulley, Associate Planner
940 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802
417-829-6260 fax

Executive Board Members:

Note: This information is from the fiscal year 2011 annual report and updates provided by the district.

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Performance Audit Documents

Report for the Period Ending June 30, 2007, Final Independent Accountant's Report Applying Agreed-upon Procedures

Solid Waste Management Program Comment Letter(s) and Recommended Resolutions of Audit Findings

District Response(s) to Solid Waste Management Program Recommendations

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Other Audit Related Documents