Solid Waste Management Region N map

Executive Board Members:

Jim Huy - Stone County Associate Commissioner
Gary Lomax - Vice-Chairperson - Stone County
Danny Strahan - Taney County Presiding Commissioner
Mona Menezes - Taney County - Branson Environmental Specialist
Wayne Hendrix - Barry County Associate Commissioner
Carolyn Easley - Barry County Appointed by County Commission
Sam Goodman - Treasurer - Lawrence County Presiding Commissioner
Dan Broyles - Chairperson - Lawrence County - Aurora Council Member
Bill Marshall - Dade County Associate Commissioner
Fred Lemons - Dade County - Public Member

Natalie Moseley, Planner
Southwest Missouri Solid Waste Management District
205 15th St.
P.O. Box 27
Monett, MO 65708
417-236-9012 fax

Chairperson of the Executive Board or Council:
Dan Broyles
905 Sunshine Drive
Aurora, MO 65605
417-334-9518 fax

Administrative Contractor:
Southwest Missouri Solid Waste Management District
Natalie Moseley, Planner
P.O. Box 27, 205 15th St.
Monett, MO 65708
417-236-9012 fax

Note: This information is from the fiscal year 2011 annual report and updates provided by the district.

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