Solid Waste Management Region K map

Executive Board Members:

Arthur Cook - Crawford County
Ray Mortimeyer - City of Cuba
Darrell Skiles - Secretary - Dent County
Ray Schwartze - Maries County
Randy Verkamp - Phelps County
Steve Vogt - City of Belle
Brady Wilson - Chair - City of Rolla
Craig French - Fort Leonard Wood
James Morgan - City of Crocker
Gary Gilliam - Vice Chair - City of Potosi
J.J. Tune - City of Salem
Tom Shabel - City of Hermann
Larry Miskel - Gasconade County
Darrell Duncan - Pulaski County
Marvin Wright - Washington County

Tammy Snodgrass, Planner
Ozark Rivers Solid Waste Management District
#4 Industrial Drive
St. James, MO 65559
573-265-3550 fax

Chairperson of the Executive Board or Council:
Brady Wilson
City of Rolla
2141 Old St. James Road, P.O. Box 979
Rolla , MO 65402
573-364-3648 fax

Administrative Contractor:
Meramec Regional Planning Commission
4 Industrial Drive
St. James, MO 65559
573-265-3550 fax

Note: This information is from the fiscal year 2015 annual report and updates provided by the district.

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