Solid Waste Management District G map

Executive Board Members:

Alan Wyatt - Chair - Macon County
John Truesdell - Randolph County
Kerry McCarty - Secretary - Shelby County
Glenn E. Turner - Vice-Chair - Monroe County
Jim Luebrecht - Pike County
Steve Whitaker - Treasurer - Ralls County
Randy Spratt - Marion County


Cindy Hultz, Planner
Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District
42494 Delaware Lane
Perry, MO 63462
573-565-2205 fax

Chairperson of the Executive Board or Council:
Alan Wyatt
101 E. Washington, Bldg. 1
Macon, MO 63552
660-385-7203 fax

Administrative Contractor:
Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments
Robin Simpson, Executive Director
42494 Delaware Lane
Perry, MO 63462

Note: This information is from the fiscal year 2011 annual report and updates provided by the district.

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Performance Audit Documents

Solid Waste Management Program Comment Letter(s) and Recommended Resolutions of Audit Findings

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