E-waste Stakeholder Meeting - Jan. 31, 2014 agenda, presentation and handout

Landfill Technical Groups

Feb. 17, 2012 forum

  1. Carbonate Aggregate use in landfill leachate collection systems
  2. Leachate Management
  3. Alternative Caps

Feb. 17, 2011 forum (on-going)

  1. Release protocol and demonstration requirements for post-closure release
  2. GCL use as a bottom liner
  3. Leachate dispersion into working face
  4. Methane migration policy and procedures

Workgroups are being conducted using Basecamp®.  Basecamp® is an online project collaboration tool. Each workgroup is a specific project and is accessible only through an email invitation. Interested individuals were solicited at the forum and are working through the basics of each issue. As draft documents are prepared the drafts will be provided to the larger audience for feedback and will be posted here.