Last updated May 9, 2017

Solid Waste Management District Grants

Money comes from fees collected when waste is disposed of in Missouri's landfills, or when it is sent through a transfer station for disposal in another state.  The Solid Waste Management District Grants return a portion of the fees collected to fund things like recycling, waste reduction, composting and education.  Contact your local district planner for more information about the availability of district grants.

Missouri Market Development Fund

The Missouri Market Development Fund is used to develop markets for recovered materials. The Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP), the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) and the Department of Economic Development work together to develop these markets. You can get more information by calling EIERA at 573-526-5555.

Scrap Tire Playground Cover and Surfacing Grants

Scrap Tire Playground Cover and Surfacing Grants are available annually for the cost and delivery of scrap tire material for playgrounds, running tracks, walking trails or other surfacing projects approved by the department. Find out more here.

Non-Profit Group Scrap Tire Cleanup

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is authorized to reimburse fraternal, charitable or other nongovernmental nonprofit organizations for disposal costs of scrap tires collected during voluntary cleanups of land and water resources. These monies only apply to scrap tires; other wastes collected as part of these projects are not eligible for reimbursement.  Find out more here.