Each year, all Missouri sanitary landfills are required to submit adjusted closure and post-closure care cost estimates to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Demolition landfills and waste tire sites are also required to submit adjusted closure care cost estimates to the department annually. Adjustment to the cost estimates and updates to the financial assurance instruments demonstrate the facility’s financial responsibility for closure and, in the case of sanitary landfills, post-closure care. In Missouri, the permit anniversary date is the schedule date for submittal of the annual financial assurance update, except for facilities with trust funds or escrow accounts. The submittal date for those financial assurance instrument types is related to the specific date for making annual contributions to the fund as outlined within the approved closure and post-closure plan.

The Solid Waste Management Program recommends each owner/operator set a specific date on their calendars to submit the adjusted cost estimates and financial assurance updates. Failure to submit an adjusted cost estimate to the financial assurance mechanism or make the required annual contributions to the trust fund or escrow account is a violation of  10 CSR 80-2.030 (4) (B) 3 for sanitary and demolition landfills. Financial assurance provisions for scrap tires are located at 10 CSR 80-8.050 (7).

The calculation of cost estimates provides detailed information on how to project the current dollar amount for a facility's financial assurance instruments.

Cost estimate updates should also be submitted to the trustee for trust funds and escrow accounts, the corporate accountant for financial test and corporate guarantees, the bank officer for letters of credit, or the agent for all bonds and insurance policies and the signatory agent for contract of obligations. In addition, any changes to your cost estimates due to modification to your permit or changes to the closure and/or post-closure plans should be identified in the annual update.

To check for a specific facility or additional information concerning the status of financial assurance instruments, please direct your attention to our link. If you have any questions concerning financial assurance annual update reports, please contact the Solid Waste Management Program at 573-751-5401. Thank you for your efforts to protect Missouri’s natural resources.