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AECI Winner
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. displays the
award won for “Excellence in Reclamation” from the
federal Office of Surface Mining.  From left; Steve
Preston - Office of Surface Mining, Mike Giovaninin and
Jim Rolls - Associated Electric Cooperative Inc., and
Larry Coen, former Staff Director of the Land Reclamation

In fiscal year 2006, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. obtained final bond release for their BeeVeer Mine located in Randolph county.  In 2007, the Land Reclamation Program recognized the company’s outstanding effort in reclaiming this mine by nominating Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. for two national awards:

Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. won awards from both of these organizations for its premier effort in reclaiming a difficult and challenging portion of the overall areas mined by the company during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  While the program recognizes that all coal mining companies presently operating in the state do a fine job of reclamation once mining is completed, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. is commended for their outstanding effort at the former BeeVeer mine site.

On Feb. 1, 2006, Missouri formally regained primacy to operate the coal program.  The federal register that makes this official is also dated Feb. 1, 2006.

AECI Winner
A view of a portion of the BeeVeer Mine in Randolph
County.  The picture illustrates the exemplary job of
reclamation completed by Associated Electric at this
former mine site.  Note the various land uses established
including water, wildlife habitat and pasture

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