Hazardous Waste Program

Changes to the Underground Storage Tank Regulations

On Aug. 8, 2005, President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Title XV, Subtitle B of this act (titled the Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2005) contains amendments to Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, the original legislation that created the underground storage tank (UST) program. This law significantly affects federal and state underground storage tank programs, will require major changes to the programs, and is aimed at reducing underground storage tank releases to our environment.

Missouri has already implemented the fuel delivery prohibition (“red tag”), new reporting requirements and now inspects facilities every 3 years.  Missouri is working to implement operator training and secondary containment (double-walled systems). 

While the department believes that our existing state program requiring financial responsibility for installers and manufacturers of underground storage tanks meets the requirements of the 2005 Energy Policy Act, we have been unable to demonstrate this to the satisfaction of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  As such, we are moving forward to publish state regulations requiring secondary containment for new UST systems.

If you have questions regarding these regulations, contact Heather Peters of the Hazardous Waste Program at 800-361-4827 or 573-522-5665 or by email.

The upcoming rulemaking will try to address three primary goals:

  1. Include state specific requirements- resolve issues with 2011 rulemaking, address problems seen in Missouri, clarify vague or ambiguous language.
  2. Enact the secondary containment (double-walled) requirements, as mandated by EPA.
  3. Include the new EPA regulations, when finalized (expected summer 2014).

For additional details on proposed changes, please check our current newsletter.

The State Specific Changes

These proposed changes are the State specific proposals open to discussion.  These proposed changes can be enacted, modified, or deleted completely.  We need your input!

Secondary Containment

Proposed EPA Regulations

EPA’s proposed changes

Note icon.Note:  These changes are simply proposed.  They are not yet final and, as such, may be changed or withdrawn.  The frequency of proposed inspection, maintenance, and testing requirements is subject to change.

UST Operator Training in Missouri

The Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund Board of Trustees held a public hearing on March 14, 2012 to hear comments about operator training.  The board voted to create and fund an operator training program at its July 25, 2012 meeting.  The Fund is developing regulations to enact the operator training program and review options to comply with the operator training requirement. Missouri did not meet the Aug. 8, 2012 deadline to have operators trained.  Missouri has state program approval, and has been communicating with the Environmental Protection Agency on this matter.  Therefore, at the time that operator training is established in Missouri, operators will be expected to comply with those requirements and deadlines established at that time.    

Missouri is currently working to establish an online training or testing program.  This program will be free to Missouri operators!  The fund hopes to unveil this program in 2014.

After making the training/testing program available, Missouri plans to move forward to enact regulations that would require:

Stay tuned for further developments!

For more information about UST compliance requirements, visit the Tanks and Compliance Unit Web page.


Note icon.Note: The Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action, or MRBCA, regulations for underground storage tanks were not part of this rulemaking process.