Regulated underground storage tanks are required to meet the following standards:

  • Corrosion Protection - To assure that steel underground storage tank systems do not rust over time, all underground storage tank systems and are required to have corrosion protection for tanks and associated piping.
  • Spill Protection - The installation of a spill bucket or catchment basin around the fill pipe. This device is intended to avoid the small spills that occur when releasing the fill line from the tanker truck.
  • Overfill Prevention - Overfill prevention equipment is designed to alert the delivery driver that the tank is almost full. This can be accomplished in one of three ways; an automatic shut-off device, an overfill alarm, or a ball float valve.
  • Leak Detection Requirements - Underground storage tanks are required to have leak detection methods for their tanks and piping. The methods that must be used include either inventory control with annual tank tightness testing, or one of five other monthly monitoring methods. These other methods include automatic tank gauging, vapor monitoring, groundwater monitoring, interstitial monitoring, or statistical inventory reconciliation, or SIR.

For detailed information and the official requirements, please review the Missouri Code of State Regulations 10 CSR 26-2 . A copy of the official rules is available from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office at 573-751-4015.