Last updated May 16, 2017

The Enforcement and Compliance Assistance GovDelivery for Hazardous Waste Generators is distributed to those interested in receiving information and updates on environmental compliance from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The broadcast email provides the department an opportunity to stay in contact with hazardous waste generators and permitted facilities and let them know about changes or additions to federal or state regulations, provide technical assistance and explain the inspection process.

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The department's main goal in any enforcement action is to help the facility successfully achieve compliance with the standards and then maintain compliance. The broadcast email is geared to keep all facilities informed upfront so they can meet or exceed the environmental requirements and help better serve Missouri citizens while protecting the environment. You may subscribe to this broadcast email list.

If you are interested in receiving information and updates regarding hazardous waste generator-related environmental permits and regulations from the department, you may click on the envelope above to sign up for the Enforcement and Compliance Assistance GovDelivery service.

Please use this webpage to find updates and other information about the major changes to hazardous waste rules that went into effect Dec. 30, 2015.