Old Lead Smelter Crew using the Geoprobe Sampling of a drum

National Priorities List (NPL): The NPL is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) list of highest priority hazardous waste sites in the nation needing long-term remedial evaluation and cleanup actions.

Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS): SEMS is a searchable public access database with information for Superfund sites, including links to detailed site cleanup progress for NPL sites and basic information about non-NPL and archived sites.

Removal Sites: Removal actions are immediate, short-term cleanup responses intended to protect people from immediate threats posed by hazardous waste sites. The EPA OSC Region 7 On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) website provides a list of current and archived removal action sites with details about specific cleanup activities.

Missouri Environmental Site Tracking and Research Tool (E-START): This interactive map allows users to readily access information on site investigations and cleanups, as well as certain regulated sites within a specific community or area. The map contains information about the following types of sites: Superfund sites, Federal Facilities sites, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Corrective Action sites, Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program sites, Brownfield Assessments, and Petroleum and Hazardous Substance Storage Tank Facilities.

Lead Sites in Missouri: Missouri was at one time the global leader in lead production. Even today some of the largest lead deposits in the world are located in southeast Missouri. For more information on lead in Missouri, including Superfund lead sites, active mining, history and much more, see the department’s Lead Information webpage.

Sites of Interest: The site(s) listed below may be of special interest to local citizens. The link(s) provide detailed information on the department's oversight of ongoing cleanup efforts at these site(s).