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Shapiro Brothers has been located at a 15-acre site in Festus for approximately 65 years. This facility is primarily a scrap metal recycling operation; recycling items such as rail cars, automobiles, sheet metal, siding and empty appliance shells.


In July and September 2011, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources conducted a series of environmental inspections at Shapiro Brothers Inc., owned by MW Recycling LLC, in Festus. The inspections were conducted in response to a complaint received from the city of Festus concerning soil being tracked onto city streets from the site. Sampling conducted by the city indicated elevated lead levels in the soil.

Shapiro was issued two notices of violation – one for hazardous waste violations and one for water violations as a result of the inspections:

The department also conducted a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act site investigation in September 2011 and 2012:

Nov. 25, 2013 - The department has entered into an agreement, Abatement Order on Consent for Removal , with the current owner of the Shapiro Brothers Facility, MW Recycling LLC, requiring them to perform cleanups at properties identified to have elevated soil lead levels and conduct additional yard sampling to identify other properties near the scrap yard that may be affected.  These cleanup activities have been initiated although weather related issues may cause some delays to the yard cleanups. Detailed descriptions of how they plan to conduct these cleanups are included in the following three documents listed under "Cleanup Plans". These plans describe how yards will be cleaned up and  indoor dust contamination will be addressed. The department also entered into a second agreement, Abatement Order on Consent, with Shapiro Brothers Facility, MW Recycling LLC, to settle all claims related to past water and hazardous waste violations.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the soil cleanup or indoor dust cleanup plans please feel free to provide those comments to the department by email or by phone at 573-751-4187.  

Cleanup Plans

Public Comment Period Correspondence

May 9, 2013 - The department hosted a public meeting to discuss upcoming residential yard sampling and clean up.

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