Links to other state information and resources

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Proposed Soil Remediation Objectives Policy Document

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives

Illinois Pollution Control Board
Environmental Regulations for Illinois - Documents Index - Title 35
Part 742, Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives Adobe or Word DOC

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Land Recycling Program Information
Chapter 137 Regulations, Adobe

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kansas Administrative Regulations, 28-71-11 Remedial standards and remedial actions
Risk-Based Standards for Kansas (RSK) Manual

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Subpart I: Risk Characterizations (from Massachusetts Contingency Plan)
Guidance and technical information

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - Site Investigation and Cleanup Information
Part 201 Rules (Includes all current rules)

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Land Protection Division
Site Cleanup Using Risk-Based Decision Making (Policy document)

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Land Recycling Program Regulations, Chapter 250
Technical Guidance Manual

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Texas Risk Reduction Program

For more information, contact the department's Hazardous Waste Program at

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