The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a member of the Governor's multi-agency Taskforce for Methamphetamine Enforcement and Environmental Protection. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are represented on the Taskforce, along with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), and other agencies who help deal with the various hazards to Missouri's children and other residents that are caused by clandestine drug laboratories and related activities. Past research by EPA, DHSS and the DNR allowed the DHSS to develop the following guidance for cleaning up buildings that had been used to "cook" methamphetamine.

DHSS Meth Cleanup Guidance

Research is still being conducted to investigate if further work needs to be done to establish standard methodologies for sampling former meth labs, and to establish cleanup standards, but have not established a need for them at this time. Neither the DNR nor the DHSS certify buildings for reoccupation after being used as meth labs. If a local ordinance requires certification be obtained, contact the local government agency or office that is identified in the posted notice or in the ordinance as having jurisdiction, and ask that office how certification is to be provided and by whom.

Additional information concerning the Methamphetamine Enforcement and Environmental Protection Taskforce, and other information concerning clandestine drug laboratories can be found at the Environmental Services Program's Methamphetamine/Special Projects Unit.