Health Profile Workgroup

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Health Profile Regulation

Comments on the proposed rule may be submitted by clicking on the link below and sending an email to Tim Eiken, Rules Coordinator of the Hazardous Waste Program. Comments must be submitted by June 23, 2011. Written comments should be sent to the director of the Hazardous Waste Program at P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176. To be accepted, written comments must be postmarked by midnight on June 23, 2011. For all comments, it is helpful to be as specific as possible and to include references to the rule text to which the comments relate. Please direct all inquiries to Tim Eiken at 573-522-8057.

The documents below represent the work of the Health Profile Workgroup. Comments on these documents may be forwarded to Darleen Groner by email or 800-361-4827 or 573-751-3553.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, in coordination with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, organized the Health Profile Workgroup to discuss the health profile requirements at certain types of hazardous waste facilities.

All hazardous waste permitted treatment and operating disposal facilities are required to submit health profiles with their permit applications. There are currently 12 facilities in Missouri that require health profiles. The Department of Natural Resources shares the submitted health profiles with the Department of Health and Senior Services. The health agency reviews and evaluates the profiles and provides information back to the Department of Natural Resources. 

The regulations state the profiles “shall include efforts to identify any serious illnesses, the rate of which exceeds the state average for the illnesses, which might be attributable to environmental contamination.”  The requirements are outlined in Missouri’s hazardous waste law and regulations. Both departments have been reviewing the health profile requirements and are contemplating either changing or rescinding the current health profile regulations. The current regulations may not accurately determine the exposed population and achieve the goals originally envisioned when the legislature passed the law.  

Both departments are seeking the participation and views of all interested parties as they work towards a final decision in this matter. The workgroup will determine if changes can be made to the current regulations to improve and add value to the health profile process or if rescinding the current health profile regulations is appropriate.

Thank you for visiting our website. This site will be updated and expanded as the workgroup progresses.  If you would like to receive information and updates from the workgroup, please contact Lynn Hartman at the department’s Hazardous Waste Program at 800-361-4827 or 573-522-1834 or by email. If you have any questions about the workgroup or health profiles, please contact Darleen Groner at the department’s Hazardous Waste Program at 800-361-4827 or 573-751-3553 or by email.

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