Last updated Feb. 2, 2018

The Hazardous Waste Program's (HWP's) Compliance and Enforcement Section works to ensure compliance with hazardous waste laws. The Special Facilities Unit reviews manifests and inspects commercial hazardous waste treatment facilities, PCB's facilities and hazardous waste transporters. The Tanks Compliance and Enforcement Unit  promotes compliance with underground storage tank laws and regulations. For more information about the Compliance and Enforcement Section, visit our What we do page.

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2015 Hazardous Waste Rules Information

  • Please use this webpage to find updates and other information about the major changes to hazardous waste rules that went into effect Dec. 30, 2015.

Compliance Information

Copies of the Missouri Revised Statutes, including the Missouri hazardous waste law and petroleum storage tank law, are available from the Revisor of Statutes, 573-526-1288, or online through the Missouri General Assembly website. Look for most hazardous waste laws from §260.352 to 260.950. You may view Missouri underground petroleum storage tank laws from §319.100 to 319.139

Copies of the Code of State Regulations are available from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office at 573-751-4015. You may view our regulations online at the Secretary of State link by selecting Title 10 - Department of Natural Resources. Look for specific hazardous waste information in Division 24- Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Office and Division 25 - Hazardous Waste Management Commission. Look for specific underground storage tank information in Division 20 - Clean Water Commission (chapters 10 and 11) and Division 100 - Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund Board of Trustees.

For more information, contact HWP's Compliance and Enforcement Section at 573-751-7560. If you would like information and updates on compliance issues, visit Enforcement and Compliance Assistance for Hazardous Waste Generators to sign up for the hazardous waste generator electronic mailing. 

Hazardous Waste Generators Map

There are approximately 2,400 locations in Missouri that generate enough hazardous waste to be regulated by HWP. Click the map to see where these hazardous waste generators are located. 

HWP maintains information regarding the location and waste generation history of companies that generate hazardous waste in Missouri or ship waste to Missouri. The program uses this information to support the collection of fees and taxes.

Hazardous waste, by definition, poses a threat to human health or the environment because of its quantity or characteristics. It may be a liquid, sludge, solid or gas.