The Special Facilities Unit inspects commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities in Missouri, and inspects hazardous waste transporters, reviews hazardous waste manifests and inspects Missouri polychlorinated-biphenyls, or PCB, facilities.

Commercial hazardous waste facilities are permitted operations that accept hazardous waste for treatment, storage or disposal on a commercial basis. Unit inspectors visit these facilities quarterly to monitor compliance with state and federal requirements and any specific permit conditions. These frequent inspections help ensure Missouri commercial hazardous waste facilities are operated in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. If problems are found that cannot be resolved, commercial facilities inspectors refer the case to the Hazardous Waste Enforcement Unit for further enforcement action.

The Special Facilities Unit also inspects PCB facilities in Missouri and works with EPA to enforce state and federal requirements. The PCB Home Page is a good source of PCB information, including federal requirements, health effects and disposal options.

Vehicles used to transport hazardous waste are inspected by Special Facilities inspectors to ensure they are properly maintained and can be operated safely.  Every month Special Facilities publishes a list of Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporters that generators can review to ensure their transporter is currently licensed in Missouri.  The unit also receives and reviews approximately 180,000 hazardous waste manifests per year. These manifests represent the cradle to grave tracking of every hazardous waste shipment originating from or destined for a Missouri facility. For information on applying for a Missouri Hazardous Waste Transporter License, please contact the Missouri Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Services Unit. Click here to become a Missouri Hazardous Waste, Used Oil or Infectious Waste Transporter in Missouri. If you have general questions regarding the transportation of hazardous waste in Missouri contact the Hazardous Waste Program's Compliance and Enforcement Section at 573-751-7560.