If changes are made to the following rules, the date of the change will be noted beside the document links. As additional information becomes available on the MRBCA tanks rules, it will be posted on this page and on the Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action Process for Petroleum Storage Tanks Web page. These rules are still under review by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and are subject to change.

Jan. 30, 2009 Update

Subsequent to the publication of the Regulatory Impact Report for the tank MRBCA rules, the department amended two rules within the tanks MRBCA rules package: 10 CSR 26-2.010 and
10 CSR 26-2.012
. The former was amended to explain the applicability of the MRBCA rules, particularly to sites in-process on the effective date of the proposed rules. The latter was amended to include language to the definitions of "default target levels", "risk-based target level" and "site-specific target level" to clarify the guidance document incorporated by reference.

The current version of all rules in the tanks MRBCA rule package, including newly amended
10 CSR 26-2.010 and 2.012, are available here.

The department recognizes the Regulatory Impact Report did not adequately address proposed changes to rules 10 CSR 26-2.061, 2.071 and 2.072. We have prepared an addendum to the Regulatory Impact Report discussing those changes and explaining the post-RIR amendments to
10 CSR 26-2.010 and 2.012.

Finally, in response to comments received by the department during the RIR public comment period, we have developed an estimate of the cost of the proposed rules. The RIR comments and the department's response to the comments are available on the department's Rules in Development Web page.

The Nov. 7 version of the draft MRBCA tanks
rules, are located here.

The primary purpose of this rulemaking is to publish MRBCA rules. However, the effort also includes moving all tank-related rules to a new rule division to reflect statutory changes in rule authority from the Clean Water Commission to the Hazardous Waste Management Commission. In addition, the department has amended some existing rules to be consistent with the MRBCA process.

The three documents below should help explain exactly what rules are part of the rulemaking package, and which rules are new and which have been amended. In the last two documents, language to be added to a rule appears in bold text while text to be deleted is italicized and within brackets.

The following are draft MRBCA tanks rules, updated Sept. 30. These rules are not necessarily the most current draft rules and have been left on the Web page for comparison purposes.

10 CSR 20-10.X62 - Closure Site Assessment

10 CSR 20-10.X70 - Release Response and Corrective Action

10 CSR 20-10.X71 - Initial Release Response

10 CSR 20-10.X72 - Initial Abatement and Site Check

10 CSR 20-10.X73 - Initial Site Characterization

10 CSR 20-10.X74 - Free-Product Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid, or LNAPL, Removal

10 CSR 20-10.X75 - MRBCA Process

10 CSR 20-10.X75 - MRBCA Process Diagram

10 CSR 20-10.X76 - Site Characterization and Data Requirements

10 CSR 20-10.X77 - Risk-Based Target Levels

10 CSR 20-10.X78 - Tiered Risk Assess Process

10 CSR 20-10.X79 - Corrective Action Plan

10 CSR 20-10.X80 - Public Participation

10 CSR 20-10.X81 - Long-Term Stewardship

10 CSR 20-10.X82 - No Further Action Determinations