Web-based E-Reporting

The department’s web based E-Reporting system has moved. It is no longer accessed through the Citizen Application Gateway (CAG). Instead, it will now be accessed through the Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM). Only the access to the system and the e-Signature process has changed. The actual completion of the report remains the same.

A user will be able to access multiple sites with a single account in this system. It still has multiple levels of access. A person can be registered as a Viewer, Preparer, Certifier or an Organizational Official. The Organizational Official is a new user role. Certifiers and Organizational Officials will be required to have a valid e-Signature agreement to be able to submit reports. The Organizational Official is a Certifier that will be able to manage the other users of the system for the site. For more information about the registration process and the functions of roles, please refer to the Hazardous Waste Generator E-Reporting Guide.

Please note: When you create your account in MoGEM, if you use the same user name that you have been using when accessing the system through the CAG, you will automatically be associated to those sites. If you do not use the same user name, you will have to go through the registration process to associate to your site(s).

The department has changed all fill-in forms to PDF fill-in. You will be able to save and reuse these PDF forms. However, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or higher to save the PDF fill-in form. Also, at this time the department does not accept digital signatures. If your Acrobat Reader prompts you to use one, we ask that you don't. .

The department does maintain Excel files that you can use to create files that will allow you to upload your report to the E-reporting system instead of doing the report entry on the website. That option should only be used if you have large amounts of data and will be importing data from your own computer system into the data sheet of the Excel file. If you need a copy of the Excel versions of the report forms to create files to upload to the E-Reporting system, send an email to hazwastereport@dnr.mo.gov and we will email the files to you.