Now with multiple Part II sheets, lookup tables and more.

Hazardous Waste Facility and Generator Summary Report forms allow generators and Treatment, Storage and Disposal operators either to download, fill out, and print Excel Spreadsheet versions of the forms; or to submit electronically with a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, directly to the department via email, diskette or CD.

The forms will not be editable if opened in your browser. You will need to right click them and choose "Save Target," and choose a location on your computer or network.

Note icon. The department has changed all fill-in forms to PDF fill-in. You will be able to save and reuse these PDF forms. However, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or higher to save the PDF fill-in form. Also, at this time the department does not accept digital signatures. If your Acrobat Reader prompts you to use one, we ask that you don't.

To request a PIN

If reporting will be conducted electronically, you will need a PIN. The department has created a new form, available below, to allow you to request a PIN. The form must be completed for each site you will be reporting for electronically. A new PIN number is required if a different person will be signing the report electronically.

Download the Microsoft Excel Viewer. The free viewer is for users who don't have Excel installed on their computer. It allows users to open and view XLS (MS Excel) formatted presentations found on this website.


  • Instructions specific to the Excel versions of the Summary Reports are not available. However, the instructions for the existing PDF versions will provide detailed information on the forms' use.
    • If you are having trouble finding a specific piece of information to complete your report visit the "Where do I find this?" page.
  • Warning: If you do not see a dialog box to enable or disable macros then you must change your macro security settings from high to medium.
  • Macros should now be enabled upon opening these forms to provide the expected functions. Although these files have been posted without viruses, it is important to scan all downloaded files with up-to-date virus protection software. Also, your Excel options can be set to scan for macro viruses. This is set under Tools, Options, the General tab, and the checkbox Macro Virus Protection.
  • Download, or read online, EPA's documents on hazardous waste identification and listing. Suggestions are welcome, please email comments to the address at the foot of this page.
  • One expected feature has been lost in this version of the forms. Tabbing from field to field no longer works. This normally standard feature will return in future versions of the forms.