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Cleveland Ave. and East 31st St., Kansas City, Mo

One of the roles of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is to investigate concerns regarding petroleum releases. In late 2014 and early 2015, residents and businesses in the area of Cleveland Avenue and East 31st Street reported petroleum odors both outside and inside their homes and businesses. The department received a previous concern in the area during 2006 and determined the petroleum vapors came from the dead end sewer line that connected to five properties. At that time, extensive repairs were made to the sewer line to prevent the petroleum from entering the affected sewer main, thereby eliminating the risk of petroleum vapors in homes. Following concerns in 2015, video surveillance revealed a broken lateral sewer line allowed petroleum to flow into the sewer main and vapors migrated into the building drains of the five properties that are serviced by the sewer line. The department has been working with these property owners to alleviate odors and implement methods to eliminate exposure.

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Reporting Odors

If any residents or businesses detect petroleum odors, contact the department's 24-hour spill line at 573-634-2436. When reporting a petroleum odor, please provide the address or approximate location of the odor and any potential sources observed.

The department has recently become aware of several concerns about petroleum odors from citizens living in the legislative districts served by Representatives Ellington and Dunn and Senator Curls. In particular, we have received complaints from people living in the South Roundtop neighborhood and vicinity. Petroleum odors can come from various sources, including:  leaking storage tanks, lines, fuel dispensers and other equipment at gasoline stations; illegal dumping or accidental spilling of gasoline, diesel or oil into the environment or storm sewers; auto body/auto repair/small engine repair shops; and accidental spills from vehicle accidents or fumes from vehicles, especially in high traffic areas. Petroleum odors inside homes can come from any of these sources or from petroleum products stored or spilled inside the home or petroleum-powered equipment stored inside the home. The department has various methods to determine the likely source of petroleum odors.

Due to the increased incidence of petroleum odor complaints in these neighborhoods, the department is seeking information to facilitate targeted inspections of operating gas stations and an evaluation of historic and current remediation sites to determine if the odors individuals are experiencing may be associated with any of these sites. Information on the location, frequency, duration and nature of the odors citizens are experiencing will help the department in targeting possible sources. Therefore, citizens experiencing these odors are encouraged to provide additional information by answering the questions by clicking on the survey link below. Identifying all sources of petroleum contamination and areas that have been impacted is necessary for the department to fully assess any problems and take action. Whether or not the department will have the ability or jurisdiction to address sources of petroleum odors will depend on the source of the odors.

The link below will take you to an electronic form you can fill in and the information will be transmitted electronically.

If you prefer to print the form, fill it in by hand and mail it, please use the link below.

Anyone currently experiencing petroleum odors in their homes or neighborhood should contact the department’s spill line at 573-634-2436.

Environmental Emergency Response Investigation at Cleveland Ave. and East 31st St.

The department's Environmental Emergency Response (EER) staff have responded to three incidents along Cleveland Ave. and East 31st St. in Kansas City between 2006 to 2015.

Learn more about the department's response to these incidents.

Underground Storage Tank Investigation at the Zill Property

The Zill LLC site is a gasoline station located at 3814 E. 31st St. in Kansas City, Mo. Petroleum contamination associated with the operation of an underground storage tank system has been found at this property.

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Next Steps - Ongoing Activities and Projected Schedule

On Aug. 1, 2016, Zill LLC conducted investigations on three adjoining properties, which included digging into soil and sampling existing monitoring wells. Some of these activities may have resulted in a petroleum smell while the work was being completed.

During the week of June 24, 2016, Zill LLC conducted repairs to its underground storage tank system. This likely resulted in a petroleum smell while work was being completed.

In November 2015, the department made repairs to the sewer main along Cleveland to keep out petroleum-impacted groundwater. In addition, Zill conducted additional free product recovery activities and conducted a tightness test of their underground storage tank system. 

In December, the city conducted a video inspection of the sewer main between the Cheadle residence and the Shiloh Baptist Church.

Learn more about this site and the department's investigation.

Potential tank sites near Cleveland Ave and E 31st St

Aerial view of site obtained from Google Maps

The department will continue coordination with the Kansas City Department of Health, Kansas City Water Services Department, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII.

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