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Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program

New Item Icon Risk-based cleanups often use engineered controls to physically prevent exposure and /or institutional controls to limit land use as an alternative to removing all contamination.   While having the ability to establish cleanup goals based on property use allows developers, industry, government agencies and others to leverage limited cleanup dollars to address health risks and prepare more Missouri land for re-use, these sites require long-term stewardship, or LTS.  LTS includes all those activities that, in combination, ensure risk management measures remain intact and reliably prevent residual contamination or other environmental conditions from posing a risk to people or the environment.  In order to provide the necessary resources to meet the BVCP’s continuing obligation at such LTS sites, per 10 CSR 25-15.010(8)(A)3,  Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program sites with an application received after Dec. 31, 2013 that need LTS at completion will be required to submit a one-time monitoring fee of $15,000.

What is a brownfield?

Long-Term Stewardship (LTS)

  El Mundo Building

El Mundo Building

The El Mundo building was built in the 1890's.  The 1st floor of the building was most recently a restaurant named El Mundo and the 2nd and 3rd floors were historically used as office space and residential apartments. In 2006 the building was boarded up and marked "condemned" by the city.  The site enrolled in the Voluntary Cleanup Program in February 2008 and was issued a Certificate of Completion in October 2009.   

Brownfields Redevelopment

The Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Section addresses and handles brownfields cleanup and redevelopment for the department. First established by the state legislature in 1994, Missouri's Brownfields/ Voluntary Cleanup Program (BVCP) is administered by the Hazardous Waste Program's Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Section to provide state oversight for voluntary cleanups of properties contaminated with hazardous substances. Many of the sites entering the BVCP are not heavily contaminated, and are contaminated by sources not addressed by any of Department of Natural Resources' regulatory programs such as Emergency Response, Superfund, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act or Petroleum Storage Tanks.

Nevertheless, the property owners, business operators, or prospective buyers want the property cleaned up to standards acceptable to the state, and to receive some type of certification of the cleanup from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This certification can greatly reduce the environmental liability associated with such properties. The Hazardous Waste Program's Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Section also administers the Dry Cleaning Environmenal Response Trust Fund, also known as the DERT Fund.

Have a Site?  Have Questions?
Do you have a piece of property you think might be contaminated with  hazardous substances?  Do you want to clean it up so it's safe but aren't sure where to start?  Are you concerned about disclosing the contamination to DNR or are you wondering what your legal obligations are?  Are you considering buying a piece of property that may be contaminated?  Have you done soil testing but aren't sure how to interpret the results?

If you have these kinds of questions, the BVCP might be able to help.  The BVCP is a non-enforcement program designed to help property owners and provide "closure" when the property is clean to approved specifications, thereby facilitating property transactions.

The staff of the BVCP are available to answer questions about how the program works.   Although not everything can be answered over the phone without reviewing site assessment reports, the information you need to decide how to proceed is available from department staff.  Call 573-526-8913 or email

More information and downloadable documents

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For more information about the department's voluntary cleanup and Brownfields redevelopment activities, contact the Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Section at 573-526-8913.

BVCP Publications

Additional BVCP documents and Hazardous Waste Program publications are available on the department's Web publications page.

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*Official copies of the Code of State Regulations are available from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. Call 573-751-4015 for assistance.