Herculaneum Lead Contamination Health Tips

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In addition to actions taken by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are some things residents can do to help reduce their children's exposure to high-lead levels. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services have advised residents to take the following actions:

In your home, dust or dirt containing lead can be removed by wet cleaning floors, windowsills, cabinets, toys and other places children may play.Wet-clean by using warm water and a general all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner made specifically for lead. To remove lead from carpets, wet shampoo often. HEPA vacuums are also effective at removing lead dust particles found in the carpet.

Most often children are poisoned by swallowing dust, dirt or paint containing lead. To reduce lead intake, eat small, frequent meals that are high in iron and calcium and low in fat. Foods such as milk, cheese, ice cream, eggs, chicken, liver, chili, spinach, greens, beans and whole grain breads will help to prevent lead poisoning and lower lead levels. Foods rich in vitamin C will enhance the absorption of iron from plant foods. Iron is needed in the body to carry oxygen throughout your body. Add a food or drink with vitamin C to each meal. Do not serve hot or iced tea. Tea keeps the body from taking in iron.

Screening Information

Has your child been tested for lead poisoning? Please contact your private physician or the Jefferson County Health Department at 636-789-3372 to get your child tested.

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