The abatement order, issued Sept. 25, 2001, detailed the steps the Doe Run Company must take to reduce the public health and environmental threat. Actions taken by the Doe Run Company received oversight by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Licensed contractors performed the cleanup work in Herculaneum.

The Abatement Order for Doe Run Company stated it must:

  • Immediately cease all activities that cause fugitive dust to leave the facility;
  • immediately upgrade their truck washing facility to include all vehicles leaving contaminated areas of the plant;
  • complete all road and facility cleaning within seven days;
  • ensure that all water from street and vehicle washing is contained and treated;
  • repave any remaining contaminated roads within 60 days of the DNR's notice to proceed;
  • submit a detailed plan for discontinuing the use of open-backed trucks, either tarped or untarped, for hauling lead concentrate within 10 days;
  • cease and desist the use of open-backed trucks for hauling lead concentrate within 45 days;
  • complete all residential yard characterization and cleanup outlined by EPA;
  • fund the DNR or EPA to characterize and cleanup indoor residential dust;
  • and cease and desist transport of lead concentrate along the streets of Herculaneum if any of the deadlines required in the order are not met.

Order to Abate and Cease and Desist Violations

Order to Abate and Cease and Desist Violations with Sections I through VII (9/25/01) 104 KB

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