Alan Reinkemeyer

Alan Reinkemeyer photo

Alan Reinkemeyer has been with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources since 1988, beginning his career with the Soil and Water Conservation Program as a district coordinator.  Prior to that, he worked briefly as a conservation agent with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Reinkemeyer served a brief stint in the former Jefferson City Regional Office before transferring to the Environmental Services Program in 1991 where he has held various positions involving the investigation of leaking underground storage tanks, hazardous waste sampling and emergency response. He served as the Environmental Emergency Response section chief and led the “EER decentralization efforts” when EER staff and resources were located in the regional offices. Reinkemeyer has been one of the program’s most vocal advocates for “leading edge” technology and equipment. He helped the program acquire the department’s first Geoprobe and has a long history of looking for opportunity to enhance the environmental monitoring, sampling and laboratory tools of the program. Reinkemeyer also serves as one of the primary disaster coordinators during statewide emergency declarations. He is a member of Missouri Emergency Response Commission and is the department designee on Missouri’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. He was the April 1997 State Employee of the Month. Reinkemeyer also served a 15-month stint as the acting director of the Division of Environmental Quality from September 2011 to December 2012.

Reinkemeyer holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources with a minor in Criminal Justice and Business Management from Lincoln University. He is married and has twin children (boy/girl) and resides in his hometown of St. Thomas. He manages more than 1,000 acres of farm property in Miller and Cole counties. He enjoys making improvements to the property and enhancing the farming, wildlife management and natural stewardship opportunities it provides.