Site Operator: Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Services Program.

County: Greene          Site ID: 29-077-0042

Pollutants Monitored: Ozone (O3)

Ozone (O3)

Updated: Quarterly

National Ambient Air Quality Standard:

Eight-hour Standard
The three-year average of the fourth highest daily maximum eight-hour average must not be greater than 0.075 ppm (parts per million). To attain this standard, the three-year average of the fourth-highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations measured at each monitor within an area over each year must not exceed 0.075 ppm.  (Effective May 27, 2008).

Exceedances allowed without a violation being recorded:
The term exceedance does not apply to the eight-hour standard. The three-year average is used to determine designation of attainment or non-attainment.

Disclaimer: Yearly and quarterly data shown below has been subject to data review and validation procedures by the reporting agency. Monthly data and data shown graphically is raw, unreviewed and unvalidated data.

Ozone (O3)

The units for all averages in this chart are parts per million.
Year Number of Days
Over Standard
1-Hour Average
8-Hour Average
Fourth Maximum
8-Hour Average
Second Quarter 0 0.070 0.066 0.061
Third Quarter  
2012 7 0.093 0.083 0.080
2011 1 0.083 0.077 0.073
This site came under control of Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Services Program on September 1, 2011.
2010 0 0.077 0.070 0.069
2009 0 0.085 0.075 0.066
2008 1 0.089 0.076 0.069

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