Address: 15797 Highway D; Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Pollutant monitored: Ozone (O3)

Pollutants monitored in the past: Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5)
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Site established:

Site coordinates

  • Latitude: 37.90084°
  • Longitude: -90.42388°

County: Ste. Genevieve

EPA Site No.: 29-186-0005

Bonne Terre's design value for ozone peaked at 90 parts per billion (ppb) during the 1998-2000 monitoring period. The design value fell as low as 65 parts per billion
during the 2013-2015 monitoring period, which enjoyed relatively cool summers. Preliminary data from the summer of 2016 showed two exceedances of the current standard
of 70 parts per billion, but that does not mean the area will have a design value exceeding the standard. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will not be able to determine the 2014-2016 ozone design value until 2017. A site's design value determines whether an area is in attainment of the ozone federal standard.

Ground-level ozone is formed when pollutants emitted by cars, factories, power plants and other sources react chemically in the presence of heat and sunlight. Ozone at ground level
is a harmful air pollutant as opposed to ozone in the upper atmosphere, which protects us from ultraviolet light.

Please note that the current standard of 70 parts per billion equals 0.070 parts per million (ppm).

Ozone Data *

One-hour averages, Central time
Preliminary data for Bonne Terre

Ozone readings appear
in third and fourth columns from left
Parts per million (ppm)

Eight-hour forward rolling averages, Central time
Preliminary data
for all sites
Parts per million (ppm)

Weekly summary of all ozone sites

Ozone design values for Bonne Terre, 1996-2002

Ozone design values for outstate sites, 2003 - 2015
Design values indicate a region’s air quality. They are calculated by averaging the annual fourth-highest daily maximum eight-hour ozone concentration over three consecutive years.

* Technical issues can affect the ability to deliver quality data. 
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