Environmental Services Program

Air Quality Assurance Unit

As mandated by EPA in 1983, a state quality assurance plan was established which included the formation of an ambient Air Quality Assurance Unit.  The Air Quality Assurance Unit's purpose is to ensure air data produced is of known quality and the quality level is adequate to meet monitoring objectives.  The following major components are used:

In order to establish and maintain comparability, all agencies collecting and reporting ambient air data for use by the state of Missouri are required to participate in the state quality assurance plan.

Resources and Services for Agencies/Operators

Certifications and Calibrations

The Air Quality Assurance Unit performs calibrations, certifications and verifications not only on their own equipment, but also for local agencies, private industry and their consultants to assure the accuracy of their equipment.

Technical Assistance

Air Quality Assurance Unit staff can assist agencies and operators in numerous areas including instrument and calibrator demonstrations, and standard operating procedures development.

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance

Links of Interest

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