Vapor Recovery Information and Compliance Requirements

Missouri Performance Evaluation Testing Procedures, or MOPETP, is a collection of individual test procedures applied to manufacturers of vapor recovery systems and components to ensure the efficiency and overall performance of equipment installed in Missouri.  While the California Air Resources Board is one of the fore-runners in Vapor Recovery equipment testing in the United States, their steady climate fails to show the effects that the sometimes harsh Missouri winters and summers can have on equipment.  Therefore, Missouri established the MOPETP program to ensure that vapor recovery systems and equipment will function properly throughout the seasons. 

Only vapor recovery systems and components with current MOPETP approval can be used by facilities in the St. Louis nonattainment area.  In the Kansas City area, only the pressure/vacuum valves are required to be MOPETP approved.

The first link below will direct you to a full directory of the current MOPETP approval letters, organized by year.  The following three links are documents of currently approved equipment sorted by Manufacturer, Component Type, and Approval Number. The list sorted by approval number includes the most up-to-date revisions and amendments.  Therefore, some previous approvals may not be listed.  See the MOPETP Approval Letters directory for a comprehensive list.

Another aspect of the MOPETP is the Technical Review Committee.  The intent of this committee is to provide a panel of qualified experts to listen to the requests of vapor recovery system and component manufacturers and petroleum equipment contractors. The panel collects information and advises the staff director on technical decisions involving the applicability of the various tests needed to demonstrate compliance with Missouri requirements for control efficiency. The Technical Review Committee is comprised of representatives from various air pollution control agencies, vapor recovery equipment manufacturers and other interesting parties from within the St. Louis area. Currently, committee meetings are announced via the Vapor Recovery listserv and all interested parties are invited to attend.

If you wish to seek MOPETP approval for your equipment, please contact the Vapor Recovery Unit at the Air Pollution Control Program.