Compliance Requirements

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Both Kansas City and St. Louis area regulations require Stage I Vapor Recovery on large capacity gasoline storage tanks and gasoline loading racks. In addition, all delivery vessels loading or unloading at the facility must be equipped with Stage I Vapor Recovery and have a
current, and passing, EPA Method 27 Tank Tightness Test.  See Delivery Vessels for more
information regarding compliance requirements.

If a bulk plant has an average monthly throughput of less than 120,000 gallons, the plant may apply for a Low Throughput Exemption from specific requirements of Stage I Vapor Recovery regulations on its loading rack and outgoing delivery vessels.

The Request for Exemption application must arrive at the department by February 1 of each year.  Although the exemption is granted yearly, once a facility exceeds the 120,000 monthly average, the facility must install Stage I Vapor Recovery and will not be eligible for the exemption again.