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Area Boundary Recommendations for the 2010 Sulfur Dioxide Standard: December 2017 Designations

Missouri is revising area designation recommendations (e.g. attainment, nonattainment, unclassifiable) for the 2010 1-hour Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) standard.  These revised recommendations address seven areas of the state containing sources identified as meeting criteria specified in the federal Data Requirements Rule (DRR) for future rounds of SO2 designations.  The recommendations are based on technical evaluations of these seven areas using air quality modeling.  The air program intends to submit these recommendations to EPA by January 13, 2017.  EPA must finalize designations for these areas by December 31, 2017.  The remaining nine Missouri sources affected by the DRR chose characterization methods other than modeling.  This action will not be submitted for inclusion in the Missouri State Implementation Plan.

2010 SO2 Recommendations for December 2017 Designations

Appendix A1 - Meramec
Appendix A2 - Meramec Model Files
Appendix B1 - Asbury
Appendix B2 - Asbury Model Files
Appendix C1 - Montrose
Appendix C2 - Montrose Model Files
Appendix D1 - Sibley
Appendix D2 - Sibley Model Files
Appendix E1 - Sikeston
Appendix E2 - Sikeston Model Files
Appendix F1 - Springfield
Appendix F2 - Springfield Model Files
Appendix G1 - Thomas Hill
Appendix G2 - Thomas Hill Model Files
Appendix H - DRR Modeling Protocol
Appendix I - BASF Potential to Emit Calculations

A public hearing for this boundary recommendation was held on Oct. 27, 2016. Comments about this plan action were accepted through close of business on Nov. 3, 2016. This plan is scheduled for adoption on Dec. 1, 2016.