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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources filed the following proposed rulemakings with the secretary of state's office and comments are being accepted as noted at the end of the proposed rulemaking under the Notice of Public Hearing and Notice to Submit Comments heading. To submit comments electronically, use the links below the rule or to submit written comments see the address below.

10 CSR 10-6.110 Reporting Emission Data, Emission Fees, and Process Information

This rulemaking will change the air emission fee structure pursuant to section 643.079.10, RSMo in SB 642.  The purpose of this proposed rulemaking is to increase the emission fee for permitted sources from $40 to $48 per ton of air pollution emitted annually.  If these changes become effective January 1, 2016, affected sources will be subject to the $48 per ton fee starting with calendar year 2015 emissions (payment due June 1, 2016 and every June 1 thereafter).  The increased emission fee will enable the department’s Air Pollution Control Program to remain solvent and maintain its authority as the implementing agency of the federal Clean Air Act in the State of Missouri.

Proposed Rulemaking - Published in September 15, 2014 Missouri Register

Rulemaking Detail

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Comments on this rulemaking will be accepted through close of business November 6, 2014.

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Submit written comments about any rule development to:
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