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  • Rulemakings on Public Notice and Rules In Development
    Information in the above link covers all department rules. The top table contains rules on public notice. To locate information on all rules in development, including those on public notice, search in the section called "Rules in Development."

    Anyone can comment on a rule that has a "Submit Comment" button.
  • Permits on Public Notice (updated 6/22/17) Currently accepting comments

  • State Plan Actions on Public Notice (updated 5/24/17) Currently accepting comments

  • Air Monitoring Network Plan (updated 06/01/2017) Currently accepting comments
    The department's Air Pollution Control Program will accept comments on the 2017 Monitoring Network Plan, Revision 0, through June 30, 2017. The air program will post the comments and its responses in an appendix to the final version of the plan. Send comments electronically to or in writing to the following address:

    Missouri Department of Natural Resources
    Air Pollution Control Program
    Air Quality Analysis Section/Air Monitoring Unit
    P.O. Box 176
    Jefferson City, MO 65102