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The Missouri Emissions Inventory System, or MoEIS, is an online data entry system that allows you to submit emissions data electronically to fulfill reporting requirements.

A user ID and password are required to access the online system. If you already have a user ID and password and want to begin reporting emissions data, click on the MoEIS icon below to login.

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Request a Password

Facility and Parent Company Representatives:

1. Email the Air Pollution Control Program or call the MoEIS help desk, toll-free at 866-663-4748, to request a password.

2. Provide facility or parent company information such as site ID, company name, address, contact and contact phone number.

Private Consultants:

Consultants who report emission data for facilities will need to have a facility representative obtain a user ID and password for MoEIS. For security reasons, the Air Pollution Control Program will only release user IDs and passwords to a parent company or facility representative.

Things to Remember:

Facilities or parent companies have a responsibility for the security of their user IDs and passwords.

If consultants or facility staffing changes are made, it is the responsibility of the facility to make sure passwords are changed to protect their data. To change user IDs or passwords, representatives should follow the same procedures outlined above to request the needed changes.

MOEIS Assistance

Free, one-on-one training is available at any time for users of MoEIS. Many facilities can complete their reports with assistance over the phone. For new or returning users, in-person assistance is available to work with an Air Pollution Control Program staff member to complete the emissions report while learning about the system at an individual pace. 

Contact us by email or by phone at 866-663-4748 to make an appointment for personal assistance.

Benefits of Using MoEIS

Reduces Burden
MoEIS Online reduces the reporting burden on industry by allowing them to report emissions data electronically. Changes effective in 2008 also align state and federal reporting requirements further simplifying the emissions reporting process. For more information see the Revised Emissions Reporting and Fee Rule.

Quality Assured Data
MoEIS on the Web has many data quality checks built in that ensures quality emissions data. The Web application also performs many of the calculations automatically further minimizing typos and errors.

Saves Time and Resources
The MoEIS Web application pulls the static data about a facility forward from emission year to emission year which helps to save time. Once an Emission Inventory Questionnaire, or EIQ, is completed in the MoEIS system, all of the information is retained for the next year. Only the changeable information, such as annual throughputs and certain worksheets, will need to be filled out on an annual basis. MoEIS Online also eases the data entry burden of Air Program staff because electronically submitted EIQs do not require hand-entry into the database which can be very time-consuming. Electronic submittals also reduce the amount of paper used and handled further saving our environmental resources.

Quick Start Guide

MoEIS Quick Start Guide is a quick reference sheet to help you begin using the MoEIS Web application.

For more detailed instructions see the MoEIS Online Manual below. If you still have questions, contact the MoEIS help desk toll-free at 866-663-4748.

Instructional Videos

The following videos show step-by-step information about using the online Missouri Emissions Inventory System, also known as MoEIS.

Note icon.Note: Videos are best viewed at full screen.

How to log in - Have your user ID and password ready to log in. (Length: 1:04)

Adding or changing site or general information - Select your plant, review the message board and enter new information. (Length: 0:52)

Fast Path - Quickly update throughput information using Fast Path. (Length: 1:02)

Worksheets – Add or modify worksheet data. (Length: 0:52)

Itemizing Costs - Itemize costs associated with Missouri's Clean Air law. (Length: 1:11)

EIQ Form Checker - The form checker finds data entry errors. (Length: 1:23)

Printing your report - Submitting the electronic data. (Length: 0:28)

MoEIS Manual

Use the MoEIS Online Manual for more in depth instructions. The screen shots will assist you as you navigate through the MoEIS Web application.

MoEIS Online Manual (12/07)