The emissions reporting and fee rule, 10 CSR 10-6.110 was revised to align with federal reporting rules starting with emission year 2010. Full Emissions Inventory Questionnaire, or EIQ, reports will be required for large sources during critical years, but simplified one-page reduced EIQ reports will be allowed more often when emissions are relatively stable. 

Full EIQ Reporting requirements by permit type:

  • Part 70: Full report every year (unchanged).
  • Intermediate: Full report every three years on fixed cycle of emission year 2011, 2014, etc., interim year full report if emissions change by five tons or more since last full report.
  • All others: After first full report, only if emissions change by five tons or more.

The report due date is April 1, with an automatic extension to May 1 if reporting online via MoEIS.

The payment due date is June 1.

The 2012 emission fee is unchanged at $40 per ton of emissions.

If our records indicate that you may qualify for a reduced reporting form, we will send you this one page form for 2012 reporting in early January 2013. If you have any questions, contact the Air Pollution Control Program by email or call 573-751-4817.

The entire regulation, 10 CSR 10-6.110, is available online.