Allocation Procedure for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

Missouri maintains state implementation plans (SIPs) that EPA has approved to allow the state to reallocate emission allowances for the control periods starting in 2017. The allowances pertain to the CSAPR trading programs for NOx annual and SO2 annual group 1. The allocation methods for these two programs are codified in State rules 10 CSR 10-6.372 and 10 CSR 10-6.376.

These rules require the department's Air Pollution Control Program to submit allowance allocations under these two programs every year to EPA. This webpage provides the required notifications and objection periods for the air program’s allowance allocation submissions.

Procedures for Allocation of CSAPR NOx and SO2 Annual Units

Allocation of Existing Units

      •  Public notification of identified non-operating units (Updated March 8, 2019)

  • EPA records the state submitted existing unit allocations for future year(s).

Allocation of New Units

  • EPA records the state submitted new unit set-aside allowances for the current year.

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