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The Missouri Clean Diesel Program strives to improve air quality by reducing emissions from on-road and off-road diesel engines. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources pursues funding opportunities for Missouri's fleet owners and operators of diesel equipment. When opportunities become available, the department will list them on this page as well as on partner websites.

2016 Missouri Clean Diesel Program (Early School Bus Replacement Program)


Under the state-allocated Diesel Emission Reduction Act, or DERA, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Air Pollution Control Program received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund the 2016 Missouri Clean Diesel Program.

The 2016 program is helping to provide early replacements for school buses. School buses operate five days a week in highly populated areas. They also congregate in school bus parking lots and school bus depots, which have disproportionately high amounts of diesel emissions. The program's main benefactors will be schoolchildren, who constitute a sensitive group because they breathe at a faster rate and have respiratory and immune systems that still are developing. Asthma is one of the most common long-term diseases among children; it accounts for more school absenteeism and emergency room visits than any other chronic disease. Reducing particulate matter and precursors that lead to the formation of ground-level ozone can help reduce the frequency of negative health symptoms among children, especially among children who have been diagnosed with asthma or other chronic respiratory diseases.

Diesel emissions contain oxides of nitrogen as well as volatile organic compounds, which in the presence of sunlight, react to form ground-level ozone, the pollutant of most concern across Missouri. Ozone is known to cause and aggravate respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Missouri currently has several areas in the state that are violating or close to violating EPA’s national ambient air quality standard for ozone The EPA sets a standard for ground-level ozone concentrations to protect public health. Diesel emissions also contain fine particulate matter, which can penetrate people’s lungs by breaching natural defenses. This can lead to various lung and respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. Reducing diesel emissions is vital to the department’s mission of protecting public health.

The Selection Process

In June 2016, the Air Pollution Control Program issued a request for applications soliciting projects for early replacements of school buses through the 2016 Missouri Clean Diesel Program. All owners and operators of school buses stationed and running in Missouri could apply for this funding opportunity. Selected applicants could receive up to 25% of the cost of a new school bus, or a maximum award of $16,000 per bus. Schools could request funding for one or two buses. In order to ensure emission reductions, the grant stipulated that school bus owners permanently disable buses to be replaced after they purchase and accept new ones.

The air program had enough funds to offer awards for 10 early replacements of school buses. On Aug. 19, 2016, the program held a drawing and randomly selected award recipients. Four of the selected districts will receive funds for two early replacements while the other two districts will receive funds for one new bus. The 2016 Missouri Clean Diesel Program will help replace 10 school buses with new cleaner-burning ones.

Selected Awardees

The air program randomly selected six award recipients

Selected School Districts

of Buses
to be Replaced

1. Central R-3 School District 1 Bus
2. East Carter R-II School District 2 Buses
3. Gasconade County R-II School District 1 Bus
4. Logan-Rogersville School District 2 Buses
5. Plato R-V School District 2 Buses
6. Sullivan School District 2 Buses

Per the drawing results, the program has 22 alternate school bus owners. If one of the above-mentioned school districts declines the funding or withdraws from the project, the air program will offer funding to the next applicant in line. 

Alternate School Bus Owners

1. Lincoln County R-III School District

2. Osage County R-III School District

3. Pettis County R-XII School District

4. Carl Junction R-1 School District

5. Miller County R-II School District

6. Rich Hill R-IV School District

7. Joplin Schools

8. Delta R-V School District

9. Milan C-2 Schools

10. St. Elizabeth R-IV School District

11. Joiner Enterprises Inc.

12. Lamar R-I School District

13. Brookfield R-III School District

14. School of the Osage

15. Malden R-I School District

16. Willard Public Schools

17. Knox County R-I School District

18. Zalma R-5 School District

19. Worth County R-III School District

20. West County R-IV School District

21. Fair Play R-II School District

22. Hannibal School District